Judy Chicago: Atmospheres, 18 Nov 2018 — 31 Jan 2019

Judy Chicago: Atmospheres

The exhibition reunites twelve never seen before pictures, documenting Judy Chicago‘s series of landscape installations and performances, staged between 1968-1974 and, on a larger scale, from 2012 on. The series, titled “Atmospheres”, begun in 1968, with actions involving fog, fireworks and dry ice, always staged in popular and crowded areas, such as malls, colleges and art museums, along with empty landscapes like beaches, deserts, and forests. This interventions became larger and more complex when restaged from 2012 on, including also women performers, paint in bright colours. The aim of Chicago is to claim feminist ideals and to protest against the male-dominated art scene of the 1970s. The exhibition coincides with the one dedicated to Judy Chicago at Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami.

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