OMGWTF, 16 Sep 2016 — 16 Nov 2016


Celebrating its return to the Design District, Primary (Books Bischof, Cristina Gonzalez and Typoe Gran) presents “OMGWTF”, a group exhibition showcasing new works from New York based artists Alejandro Guzmán & Kenny Rivero, Chicago based artist Cody Hudson, and Miami cultivated artists such as George Sanchez-Calderon, Beatriz Monteavaro, Gavin Perry, Kelly Breez, Autumn Casey & Magnus Sodamin.

“OMGWTF” is a contemporary cultural acronym that is utilized for its wide range of passionate responses. Often enough, decisions are based on the emotional side of an individuals character. Gut instincts, positive vibrations, and instant attractions are moments to be seized and celebrated without discount. Instinct, apposed to academics, is the preferred approach in the assembling of this project, encouraging viewers to simply trust intuition as their primary guide through the exhibition experience.

Alejandro Guzmán’s piece “Never Take it from Us: Creative Misunderstandings Series”, Guzmán creates a large scale performance sculpture covered in brightly colored handwoven textiles, a sculpture recently utilized in his solo project at the Brooklyn Museum. Guzmán’s work recontextualizes via ritual organization and performative gesture. Guzmán’s sculptures function as mobile sites of reflection, contemplation, and activation, moving both performances and viewers towards ecstatic catharsis and fellowship.

Kenny Rivero’s work often begins with explorations of color, texture, and with mark making. Most often there is a specific narrative within each work, a story layered with affiliations, loyalties, psycho-social histories, and personal as well as shared iconography. In Rivero’s “Dancer in the Dark”, he explores a relationship between Haitian and Afro-Dominican spiritual symbolism. On a journey through self reflection, this smaller in scale / darker in color painting utilizes mock symbols in search of energy and transition.

Miami based creative, Kelly Breez, harnesses her stylistic, hand painted, black and white type with calculated sarcasm. In “Fuck Your Neck Pillow”, Breez responds to the common “in flight” object of leisure with a Tourette like explosion of honest emotion and humor. Breez’s work centers on documenting the conventional, under recognized moments of every day life via high contrast, Pettibon-like illustrations.

“OMGWTF” is Primary‘s continued celebration of risk, backed by years of developed instinct. We aim to highlight each artists individual, uncompromised practice parallel to Primary’s devotion to each other’s purpose, opinion, and best possible energy.

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