Self Proliferation, 12 Nov 2015 — 12 Sep 2016

Self Proliferation

An homage to the eclectic and idiosyncratic collection of Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz, Self Proliferation presents a selection of contemporary artists investigating the characteristics of the female identity in allusive environs, curated by Micaela Giovannotti.

An international and cross generational group of artists reflect upon the nuanced of the female “self” as constructed or inspired by cinema and pop culture, printed media and fashion, feminist notions, racial politics, cultural traditions and personal concerns as well as art world references.

Throughout the works, landscape is evoked as self referent; either inhabited by materializations of feminine identity in continual flux, or uninhabited, left symbolically vacant, as if the essence has evaporated.

On view is a diverse range of editioned work including photographs, prints, videos and artist book which, by their very nature, become themselves metaphors suggesting the act of replication not only of the feminine identity in all of its infinite, often bewildering manifestations, but also of the original artwork itself.

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