Susan Lee-Chun: 10 X-Large, 10 Oct 2018 — 03 Feb 2019

Susan Lee-Chun: 10 X-Large

Windows at Walgreens, 6700 Collins Ave

The exhibition “10 X-Large” features a series of replicas of garments and accessories by artist Susan Lee-Chun, enlarged to at least 10 times their actual size, which function as fabricated representations of place, time, and experience. Their size makes it difficult to ignore, discard, or bury ideas in the closet.

The so-presented objects become a sort of souvenirs, which prolong the tourist experience and allow for the symbolic appropriation of tourist destinations. In particular, Miami Beach, with its world-famous beaches, is laden with tourist-driven signifiers of “the good life”– palm trees, sunsets, flamingos, and nightlife – in the city’s signature neon electric hues. These “artifacts” encapsulate the memory of one’s travel experience and also reinforce the image of the city as both commercial product and cultural stereotype.

The exhibition is on view at Windows at Walgreens, Miami Beach, open 24/7.


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Windows at Walgreens, 6700 Collins Ave
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