Welcome to the Jungle, 07 Nov 2014 — 23 Dec 2014

Welcome to the Jungle

Pan American Art Projects, 274 NE 67th Street, Little River

Traditionally artists have seen nature as a source of inspiration; it started with the representation of animals, still lifes and landscapes. Later on architectural elements were incorporated, evidencing the symbiotic relationship between man and nature. “Welcome to the Jungle” explores this connection: survey this relationship through the works of eight contemporary artists. They have two main starting points: artists who choose architecture as their theme, and others who use the animal kingdom as inspiration.

In the first group are Gustavo Acosta, Carolina Sardi and Tracey Snelling; and in the second Troy Abbott, Carlos Estevez, Enrique Gomez de Molina, Elsa Mora and Jorge Perianes.

Gustavo Acosta (b.1959) is known for his desolated urban landscapes, which bring thoughts of ‘the morning after’ civilization is wiped out from earth, leaving the empty buildings as a testimony of its existence. Carolina Sardi‘s wall sculptures are sinuous shapes; organic structures that remind us of architectural details. Tracey Snelling (b.1970) recreates buildings and cities in miniature. The surroundings are empty, like Acosta’s views, but in Snelling the presence of people is suggested through the films projected in the windows of her buildings.

Troy Abbott (b.1967) proposes an ecologic approach by making birdcages that contain electronic birds instead of real ones. Carlos Estevez (b. 1969) presents scenes of a fantastic world he has created, populated by hybrid creatures, half animal and half human. Enrique Gomez de Molina (b.1963) ‘constructs’ his ‘crossbreed’ creatures like mutations from the animal kingdom. Elsa Mora (b.1971) continues exploring the idea she started with her series Femina Plantarum, in which women become plants. Jorge Perianes‘ (b. 1972) symbolic pieces play with perception, by recreating the possible devastation of an insect infestation.

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Pan American Art Projects, 274 NE 67th Street, Little River

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