Adam Gorden: Secession 2000-2005, 01 Feb 2018 — 21 Apr 2018

Adam Gorden: Secession 2000-2005

Zero…, Via C. Boncompagni 44, Milan, Italy

ZERO… presents Secession 2000-2005, a solo exhibition by Adam Gordon. Interested in the artist’s role and in the contemporary definition of the artwork, Adam Gordon investigates the residual potential of the image. His research moves cautiously along the dividing line between the art system and the world.

Starting from the language of performance, Adam Gordon tends to work with collaborators who are not always aware. Including them in a personal microcosm of relationships, the artist artificially elaborates a research system that aspires to the achievement of new epiphanic forms.

The search for these revelations unfolds through a multifaceted exploratory process that seeks to investigate the interstitial phases of what we call “the art world”, through the inclusion of the real world and the human society that is being redefined.

Contacts & Details
Tue – Fri 11am – 1.30pm, 2.30pm – 7pm
Sat 3pm – 7pm
T: +39 02 4537 3992

Zero…, Via C. Boncompagni 44, Milan, Italy

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