Adami, Del Pezzo, Schifano, Tadini (50 Years later…), 10 Feb 2016 — 23 Apr 2016

Adami, Del Pezzo, Schifano, Tadini (50 Years later…)

Via Tadino 15, Milan, Italy

Studio Marconi’s first exhibition of the work of Valerio Adami, Lucio Del Pezzo, Mario Schifano and Emilio Tadini opened on 11 November 1965. It has now been recreated in an “updated” version in the gallery rooms of Fondazione Marconi.

The objective of the show is not only to revive the memory of it for those who saw it first time round, but above all to acquaint the younger generation with the cultural climate that prevailed in the Sixties when Studio Marconi first began its activities. By exhibiting the works of four artists who were emerging at the time, the idea is to present a particular creative moment for each one, and so survey the past of both the gallery and its artists, not in a nostalgic or celebratory fashion but with a “look backwards” that will bring its own surprises.

Alongside works that formed the heart of the 1965 exhibition – Lucio Del Pezzo’s Oro e argento [Gold and Silver], Valerio Adami’s Il miraggio [Mirage], Emilio Tadini’s Le vacanze inquiete [Unquiet Holidays] and Mario Schifano’s Vero amore [True Love] – there will be a number of other works from the same period, chosen to illustrate more clearly the personality and style of four artists who came to form an integral part of the history of Studio Marconi.

In order to recreate the original version of the show as faithfully as possible, a “replica” of the original invitation will be available in the form of a box containing reproductions of four works, one by each artist. Each card is a small puzzle, designed to capture the attention and… generate a desire to see the works. The original invitation was a great success at the time and even caught the interest of prestigious American museums. Now, once again, the idea will be able to arouse the public’s curiosity.

Contacts & Details
Tue –Sat 10am –1pm, 3pm –7pm
Mon, Sun
T: +39 02 2941 9232

Via Tadino 15, Milan, Italy

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