Antidiluviano, 13 Apr 2018 — 03 Jun 2018


Pelagica, Via Principe Eugenio 42

Pelagica in Milan, presents the exhibition Antidiluviano by artists Elena Mazzi and Nuvola Ravera.

The two projects on show (A Fragmented World by Elena Mazzi and If I cry a lot, does the lagoon turn into the sea? by Nuvola Ravera) explore two separate areas of the Mediterranean, unraveling their respective ancestry whilst scrutinising the area and its most primitive elements.

The opening of the exhibition will coincide with a talk  Pelagica Orations-Home Beirut SOUNDING THE NEIGHBORS with Laura Lecce, Giulia Ferracci and  Hou Hanru, artistic director of the Maxxi Museum and Giulia Ferracci curator at Maxxi.

Home Beirut SOUNDING THE NEIGHBOURS is the chapter of the series of interactions across the Mediterranean dedicated to the relationship between Europe and the Middle East at Maxxi Museum from 15 November 2017 to 20 May 2018, an exhibition by 36 artists, architects and creatives.

Beirut proves itself as an emerging and resplendent city, of incredible and quite recent expansion and has generated an extended area of vital energy, on the eastern most shore of our Mediterranean. Though complex and marked by great trauma, where extremely diverse human realities coexist, an exuberant landscape, at the centre of the huge flux of displacement and migration.


Contacts & Details
T: +39 333 445 4506

Pelagica, Via Principe Eugenio 42

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