Diego Gualandris + Riccardo Sala: Caladrio, 13 Mar 2018 — 15 Apr 2018

Diego Gualandris + Riccardo Sala: Caladrio

Via Garian, 64, Milan, Italy

Tile Project Space presents Caradrio by Diego Gualandris & Riccardo Sala. The Caradrio is a mythological creature, which over the years has been symbolised in a myriad of different ways. The different stories associated to this creature, witness a specific kind of cultural transference that, over the centuries, via superstition and paganism have created links between Greek mythology and culture to Christianity. It is exactly this cross-contamination of cultural sources and iconographies, that brings together the practice of the two artists.

By deconstructing their own pasts, a mixture between Catholic education, the 80s-90s culture of fantasy fictions, the fascination with myths and fairy-tales, the study of cosmological and theosophical theories. Gualandris and Sala translate the elements that have shaped their imaginations through the creation of paintings and sculptures that appear as visions open to be read, developing a language that by maintaining a correspondence with reality, comes alive thanks to references from the oneiric and metaphysical world.

Contacts & Details
By appointment

M: tileprojectspace@gmail.com

Via Garian, 64, Milan, Italy

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