Edoardo Tresoldi: Sacral, 10 Apr 2018 — 30 Sep 2018

Edoardo Tresoldi: Sacral

Museo della Scienza, Via S. Vittore 21

Edoardo Tresoldi exhibits the sculpture “Sacral” in the gardens of the Museum of Science in Milan.

In a dialogue between classical architecture and contemporary art, the work transports the visitor into an unprecedented space-time experience in which arches, columns and domes create symphonies and contrasts with industrial materials. Unlike conventional architecture, which encloses the space by returning a landscape modified by man, the structure created with the metal mesh allows an interaction between interior and exterior, embraces the original spirituality of the Museum and welcomes the visitor a new experience experience out of time and space.

The installation makes the museum’s mission three-dimensional: telling the past, interpreting the contemporary with new languages, projecting towards new dimensions, continuously changing and interacting with its surroundings. The visit to the sculpture is included in the entrance ticket to the Museum.

Contacts & Details
T: +3902 48 555 1
M: info@museoscienza.it

Museo della Scienza, Via S. Vittore 21
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