Francesco Candeloro. Signs of Light, 24 Sep 2015 — 18 Nov 2015

Francesco Candeloro. Signs of Light

A Arte Invernizzi, Via D. Scarlatti 12, 20124, Milan, Italy

Francesco Candeloro‘s artworks are made in plexiglas sheets of different colours defining fragmentary spaces of contemporary cities, a reality experienced and explored throughout images and skylines shown in transparency.

Exhibited at the entrance to the gallery is the work entitled “Altre Luci Stoccolma” in which by way of the meeting with light, the sheets of plexiglas create evanescent chromatic luminous effects.
On the gallery’s upper floor there is the large plexiglass installation that recreates the skyline of New York and defines a passage that allows us to see “Visioni del tempo”, a work installed in the last window which integrates itself and holds a dialogue with the environment, giving us a different vision of the silhouette of the Torre Velasca. This reproposal is small, multiplied and undergoes continuous change. The varying of the light during the day projects the volume of the window and the form of the architectural element that becomes a filter in which the colours of the superimposed sheets add up and beyond which it is possible to have an unexpected view of the city.
In the second room of the upper floor we find the work entitled “Linee Attese” whose neons define lines of light in the dark room which trace out the visions of places, reread by the artist by way of his own perception that is intrinsically bound to his memory.
The lower floor of the gallery instead houses eleven plexiglas works each of which made up of four different sheets of different colours and subdivided into specular, superimposed couples. The sheets enclose the images derived from first-hand experience: they portray and are tied to the memory of the city which the artist rereads and reproposes by means of the diverse elements.

Contacts & Details
Mon – Fri 10am – 1pm, 3pm – 7pm
T: +39 02 2940 2855

A Arte Invernizzi, Via D. Scarlatti 12, 20124, Milan, Italy

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