Gerda Ritzmann: Emphasis, 19 May 2017 — 08 Jul 2017

Gerda Ritzmann: Emphasis

The gallery presents the first retrospective of Austrian artist in Italy. Her works and sculptures made out of paper clearly depict the way the artist has refined an artistic language and developed a unique technique of its kind with the help of intensive research and sophisticated craftsmanship.

Ritzmann’s works explore the sculptural potential of paper, transforming the aesthetics of this fragile matter, and thereby reflecting on vulnerability of existence and resilience. Paper and cardboard evolve through games of contrasts with varnishes, colors, cut and broken materials to create new geometric shapes. One can see parallels and similarities between Ritzmann’s technique and the artistic avant-garde of the twentieth century, especially the revolutionaries Papiers Collés of the cubist Picasso, Braque and Gris, as well as Collages of the Second World War, from the Neo-Dada movement to Pop Art.

The show is accompanied by a catalogue with texts Raffaella Turatti.

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