Giulio Turcato and Mario Schifano: Sulla Pittura, 01 Mar 2018 — 15 Apr 2018

Giulio Turcato and Mario Schifano: Sulla Pittura

Giovanni Bonelli gallery in Milan presents “Sulla Pittura” (On Painting), a joint exhibition dedicated to the works of two iconic figures during the second half of the twentieth century: Giulio Turcato and Mario Schifano. The artists according to the curator of the exhibition, Marco Meneguzzo, “…are amongst the most important of their generation, they had in common a modus operandi which we can define as compulsive…they had it in their DNA the impulse to produce alot, even in a manner which was penalising to them, if you think about the market at that time’.

On show there are 30 works, equally divided between the two artists. By Turcato both works with their peculiar material characteristics such as “Superfici lunari” as well as more gestural pieces such as “Alleluja”. Schifano’s eclecticism is represented by a large self portrait and a series of mixed techniques on canvas or paper, dated betwenn 1962 and 1984.

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