Imitatio Christie’s II (part of the process 7), 08 Apr 2016 — 14 May 2016

Imitatio Christie’s II (part of the process 7)

FuturDome, via Giovanni Paisiello 6

Zero presents “Imitatio Christie’s II (partoftheprocess7)”. The exhibition is the seventh episode of a project that develops over time and imagine to condense , through a poetic sequence of events, the description of a vision.

The Jean Renoir film “Une partie de campagne” is a sort of manifesto of the exhibition. Conceived to be shot during a stay in the French countryside during the summer (four weeks in July 1936) , the original script was changed drastically due to an unexpected and incessant rain.
The ideal location of the impressionist theories became something different.
The exhibition takes place in FuturDome: an Art Nouveau building where the last Futurists used to meet in the forties. Today this place is dedicated to contemporary arts project house museum, conceived by Isisuf – International Institute of Studies on Futurism.

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FuturDome, via Giovanni Paisiello 6