Infinito, 01 May 2015 — 02 Nov 2015


Eataly Pavilion, Milan EXPO, Via De Gasperi, Rho - Fiera

Infinito is a photographic project by Alice Rohrwacher and Simona Pampallona inspired by an idea of the Italian writer Alessandro Baricco. The project, presented at the Eataly Pavilion at Milan EXPO, aims at representing the twenty Italian regions through as many images taken in one of the most intimate spaces: the bedroom.

This photographic work shows a plurality of realities, unveiling deep feelings of homeness coupled with an oneiric atmosphere. Each image is combined with a caption that recounts an aspect of the region, giving a specific information. The public, for example, learns that in the past fifteen years the number of big ships arriving in Venice have increased threefold reaching 600 hundred arrivals per year. Despite its delicate ecosystem and its beautiful fragility, Venice is the first home port for gigantic cruise ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

Another image reminds us of the consequences of the 2009 earthquake in Abruzzo, where more than 22 thousand people are still waiting to go back to their homes. However, there are also some good news, such as the one that Italy is everyday more beautifully plural, with more than 250 mixed marriages celebrated in the province of Trento.

After each caption there is a line of the renowned Italian poet, Giacomo Leopardi, translated into the dialect of each region: E il naufragar m’è dolce in questo mare (And sweet to me is shipwreck in this sea).

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Eataly Pavilion, Milan EXPO, Via De Gasperi, Rho - Fiera
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