Inside the Last Supper, 27 May 2015 — 08 Nov 2015

Inside the Last Supper

Fondazione Stelline, Corso Magenta, 61, Milan, Italy

The exhibition Inside The Last Supper is dedicated to the Last Supper, which is why it is particularly meaningful to present this project of Studio Azzurro inside the headquarters of Fondazione Stelline.

The exhibition is a fresco multimedia, five exhibit or set-exhibition organized with sensitive surfaces, participatory systems, natural interfaces, archives consulted.

Almost an hour and a half of storytelling in many video-programs, soundtrack consists of sounds, voices and Renaissance music performed with modern instruments.

This exhibition represents an emotional in-depth journey inside the Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci’s revolutionary masterpiece that is woven with meaning and is located in the refectory of the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Leonardo’s un-removable wall painting has now been freed of spatial constraints and is being presented in a whole new way.

The travel-worthy nature of this new representation of the Last Supper lets viewers see the painting up close in any exhibition venue anywhere in the world. This first-person experience gives the public the chance to discover and understand Leonardo’s masterpiece in a dynamic way.

Indeed, what sets this exhibition apart is its participatory approach. Made up of five separate yet interrelated modules, the show lets visitors use and experience each section at their own pace and in their own way.

They can also choose from among two different levels of involvement and participation. The first and most traditional level is a cinematographic presentation of the painting, which provides information and multimedia content through a narrative sequence. The second level entails interactive stations where visitors can discover and understand the masterpiece from a personal perspective, autonomously analyzing it in various ways.

Each exhibition space has its own theatrical installation and is outfitted with educational, multimedia and interactive tools that help involve the public in a Renaissance work of art in an exciting way.

The show therefore immerses viewers in Leonardo’s world, introducing them to both the ultimate vision of his original work and the land that inspired him as he created it.

The exhibition also offers, for the first time, the opportunity to experience the “Olfactory Vision©” of art inspired by the Last Supper. An exclusive and unique occasion, curated by Elisabetta Invernici, to feel, not only to see, a masterpiece: the sensory channel of scent, indeed, is able to bring out memories, emotions, sensations that lead us to a deeper reading of the artwork, which will remain indelible in our memory.

Contacts & Details
Tue – Sun 10am – 8pm

Ticket or free entrance depending on the exhibitions

T: +39 02 4546 2411

Fondazione Stelline, Corso Magenta, 61, Milan, Italy

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