Italian and British artists meet Milan, 03 Aug 2015 — 15 Oct 2015

Italian and British artists meet Milan

The group exhibition, inaugurated to coincide with Milan Expo, will explore the idea that a British artist (not necessarily British by birth but the artist must be living in Britain) and an Italian artist have of Italy. Perhaps Italy is the only country in the world to be so hated and yet, at the same time, so loved by its own population.
The purpose of this exhibition is to investigate whether there are still features which distinguish us abroad and to identify what exactly it is that Italy and Italians invoke in the global imagination.
Artists may concentrate on features of the city of Milan that particularly strike them or widen the scope of their research to embrace our world-famous artistic and artisanal tradition.
A further aim of this exhibition is to have British and Italian artists interact in order to understand whether globalisation is able to homogenise the customs and traditions of a country, thereby erasing unique habits, rituals and lifestyles.
The concept’s dual message is tackled by artists who, as well as living in different countries, have dissimilar ages and working backgrounds.
The exhibition space, housed in a former 1950s jewellery factory in Milan, which still contains some items of period furniture and machinery, stimulates the artists to communicate with the setting, inevitably leading them to measure themselves against the legendary world of Italian craftsmanship.

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