Luca Pozzi: Signal (The Dragon’s Egg), 08 Mar 2018 — 10 Apr 2018

Luca Pozzi: Signal (The Dragon’s Egg)

Edicola Radetzky, Viale Gorizia (Darsena), Milan, Italy

Edicola Radetzky has been transformed by artist Lucca Pozzi, into a so-called cleanroom, in scientific jargon a controlled environment, almost Zen like, where technological operations are performed, a glass cage within which time seems to slow and thing begin to look differently. The kiosk catches a distorted tennis ball, which has reached earth from outer space at a very high speed, deflecting it just before it makes impact, becoming visible in its distortion, as if looking at it the the gravitational lens of a wormhole, where it takes on monumental dimensions. Yes this object is not only a helpless visitor from a remote region of space, or a bronze sculpture, it itself is a communicator which has come to bring messages from the universe. The work is equipped with a detector made by the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), which perceives the passage of the subatomic particles through it, and signals its presence with a led light. This hypertrophic tennis ball resembles a hypothetical dragon’s egg, a very ancient object from outer space, or an alternative universe. Visible 24/7.

Luca Pozzi (1983) is a visual artist and cultural mediator. Inspired by the worlds of art, physics, multi-messenger cosmology and computer science. 



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Edicola Radetzky, Viale Gorizia (Darsena), Milan, Italy