Luca Quartana: “Addio”, 03 Feb 2016 — 03 Mar 2016

Luca Quartana: “Addio”

Assab One, Via Privata Assab 1, Milan, Italy

Luca Quartana is back with an exhibition specially conceived for the spaces of Assab One.

Sequences of large format photographs and poetic writings related to the work carried out since 2000 on the site (you can read an introduction by Giorgio Zanchetti on The body of the artist and the words are the two cornerstones of the exhibition. Quartana goes deeply into the dichotomy between writing and image – on which historical generations of conceptual artists and and visual poets got stuck – and he tries an original synthesis. To do so, as in the past, he works on the identity between word and person.

Quartana chose the web because it is an immaterial space of total freedom and independence, so he decided to conduct there an exploration that today has turned fifteen years old. Addio is a way to “bring” the public into his website, making explicit method, aesthetic and reasons. The photographs on display are the result of an action with Antonella Ortelli, documented by Annalisa Guidetti and Giovanni Ricci, and of a work produced by Luca Quartana in collaboration with them.

“I want to bring in the space of Assab One the same idea of image, the same proportions that are applied to my website. I immediately loved Assab for the industrial memory that lingers, the Roland sent to India … It is a place full of stories, at the same time respectful of itself and welcoming. It does not condition me and I feel me not to take the risk to influence it. The tradition and culture of contemporary art – embodied in the people I met, in the ones that helped me to grow, in those with whom I worked, in the public itself – fed me. At intervals not too close, it is important to me to return a gesture of gratitude. All I renounce becomes language. ”

“With “Addio” I aim to unite the world of speech and the world of art. Bring to the extreme consequence an old question: word is picture, vision.”

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Tue – Fri 3pm – 6:30pm

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T: +39 02 282 8546

Assab One, Via Privata Assab 1, Milan, Italy