Marco Bagnoli – Remo Salvadori, 09 Nov 2017 — 14 Apr 2018

Marco Bagnoli – Remo Salvadori

Christian Stein Gallery presents a binary show by two influential Italian artists: Marco Bagnoli (Empoli, 1949) and Remo Salvadori (Cerreto Guidi, 1947).

Marco Bagnoli will be shown in both of the gallery’s spaces: in Pero and Corso Monforte. In Pero a projection of ‘Atelier Marco Bagnoli’ provides an insight into the artist’s studio, and the development of his ideas and designs over time. At the gallery space in Corso Monforte a range of works from the seventies to the presents day are shown, including the new installation: Namaskar, Italian Garden a Auroville (2014-2017).  Art, science, philosophy, alchemy and spirituality coexist in Bagnoli’s art, he can be considered one of the most significant figures in the art world since the late seventies.

In the three large exhibition spaces at Pero Remo Salvadori’s work is shown, these works also span a period from the seventies until today. Influenced by anthroposophy and a Goethean understanding of nature and reality, Salvadori’s work demonstrates a harmonizing aesthetic and a cyclical nature through the use of primary elements and seven metals, oscillating between elementary chemistry and intricate alchemy. Works include La Stanza delle Tazze (The Room of Cups, 1985 -1986). 


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