Marion Baruch and Alessandro Teoldi, 11 Apr 2018 — 25 May 2018

Marion Baruch and Alessandro Teoldi

Viasaterna presents a new project which puts into dialogue works by the two artists: Marion Baruch (Romania, 1929) active since the late 60s between Italy and France, and the emerging young Italian artist Alessandro Teoldi (Italy 1987). 

Through a game of free association, presenting the viewer with surprises and revelations, both artists fill the space with a selection of works made over the last two years. They share an expressive essentiality which rests upon a sensitivity to form, colours and volumes. Their approach to their materials, on the other hand, differs; whilst Marion Baruch depends on spontaneity, using scraps of fabric and bestowing upon them a new found dignity, she uses the space and the voids to present their new found status. Alessandro Toldi methodically seeks, buys and collects blankets made by airline companies, pointing to notions of belonging, detachment and identity, he then meticulously cut, sews and overlaps the fabric, and faces, hands and bodies appear within the defined outlines of the blanket.

Both the works of Baruch and Teoldi blur the boundaries between reality, memory and imagination. Both ambiguous and seductive, restless and mysterious.

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