Massimo Bartolini: Landscapes, 09 Apr 2016 — 07 May 2016

Massimo Bartolini: Landscapes

Massimo De Carlo, Milan, Via Giovanni Ventura 5, Milan, Italy

Massimo de Carlo presents its forth solo show by the Italian artist Massimo Bartolini.

The landscape a recurring theme in the work of Massimo Bartolini, both as a place of contemplation, both as a place in which it arises abstraction. Massimo Bartolini presents for the first time in his career a series of acrylic paintings. The subjects of these new paintings are landscapes of mountain ranges that originate from some statues and monuments profile, especially in the city of Philadelphia, made horizontal and annihilated in suggesting lines and shadows of the mountains.

The idea of ​​metamorphosis seems to resonate in all the works of the exhibition. The canvases painted with acrylic as a subject have changed statues in the mountains, as if they were human beings who have lost their upright posture. As Gregor Samsa of Kafka’s Metamorphosis, in which these paintings share the lonely island that aspect in the midst of a family space and pleasant at the same time, in title only retain a memory of their origin (Rocky, The Shade, Wayne) .
Together with Cloud’s Club there is also a bronze sculpture, shaped like a model of a mountain range or a corpse, entitled Giacometti Landscape.

In the exhibition there are variations on the artist historical works, as Le Rugiade, offering a physical experience rather than a contemplative landscape: the color changes depending on the context of the position of the viewer and so the wet surface. For once the landscape knocks on the window and mimics its presence with a loud “I’m here.”

Contacts & Details
Tue – Fri 11am – 7pm
Mon, Sat, Sun
T: +39 02 7000 3987

Massimo De Carlo, Milan, Via Giovanni Ventura 5, Milan, Italy

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