Matilde Sambo: Dormiveglia – Fulgur, 28 Mar 2023 — 28 Apr 2023

Matilde Sambo: Dormiveglia – Fulgur

Fulgur, the second solo exhibition by artist Matilde Sambo, will be presented in the space of the gallery aA29 art project.

aA29 Project Room, Piazza Caiazzo 3, Milan

With the second chapter of the trilogy “Dormiveglia“, a project in which the artist sets out to explore the relationship between art, necessity and imagination in the dimension in which they merge. In the first chapter of this trilogy, “Assopimentothe artist wanted to investigate a parallel state in which the body is still awake but begins to abandon itself and leave the mind free to wander, encountering fragments, reconstructing lost memories and attempting to reawaken primary images of slumber.

The beings in the first chapter of the trilogy find new forms in “Fulgur“, becoming fluctuating gestures thanks to a blinding yet revelatory lighting strike. The artist creates an environment in which each viewer, deprived of the sense of hearing, is able to enter a dimension of “other” consciousness, developing a personal quest in which to refine the perception of his or her own self, of space itself and of the sculptural figures within it. Tension, suspension and transparency are the three key words of “Fulgur“, an exhibition that aims to stimulate viewers in the search for their unconscious and prepare them for the third and final chapter of ‘Dormiveglia’.

Contacts & Details


Wed – Fri 3pm – 7pm

Tuesday and Thursday by appointment


T: 0522 454018

aA29 Project Room, Piazza Caiazzo 3, Milan
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