Matteo Nasini: Sparkling Matter, 08 Apr 2016 — 06 May 2016

Matteo Nasini: Sparkling Matter

Starting from the study on the state of active consciousness during various behavioral stages of sleep, Matteo Nasini focuses on the possibility of transforming the brainwaves of a sleeping into sound. Sparkling Matter is a cyclical horizon and potentially infinite, fertile ground on which sculptural objects, patterns of visual elements and sound data to be processed in a live stream.
The polygraphic recording electroencephalogram (EEG) – here realized through a Brain Computer Interface System to sixteen channels – allows to capture the electromagnetic activity of the brain, whose waves are captured and processed into individual sound frequencies through an analog to digital process.
What emerges is a polyphonic constellation evolving and temporal mutation, subject to parameters not directly controllable, such as the change in intensity of Delta, Theta and Alpha waves that alternate during sleep cycles.

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