Matthias Bitzer: Immaculate Cloud, 20 Sep 2016 — 05 Nov 2016

Matthias Bitzer: Immaculate Cloud

Francesca Minini, Via Massimiano 25, Milan, Italy

Francesca Minini presents the exhibition “Immaculate Cloud” by Matthias Bitzer.
A line, a curve, a color, a light, a reflection, an outline on the wall.
Matthias Bitzer conceives his shows in the same way a language is constructed: paintings, drawings, collages and sculptures speak with their own grammar and lexicon. They move harmoniously through the space like words on a page, notes on a pentagram featuring colors, neon lights and reflections.

The variation of expressive means and the combination of all the elements does not preclude the sensation of finding oneself inside a single installation; even in the decorative elements, in the abstract structures one can recognize a flow of thoughts, a precise logic. The movement and aesthetics of these compositions expand into the space, geometric elements are recombined in more or less extended patters, alternating the perspective and suggesting new visual possibilities: Bitzer takes us into an immersive reality, a kaleidoscopic landscape.

The result is an amalgam of spatial planes that open up inside of the construction itself, linked one to though despite belonging to different orders of volume and depth. Bitzer rethinks the categories of space and time, he distorts and liquefies them, and at the same time contracts them. He embraces the possibility that space can be together single and multiple, infinitely extendable, divisible into compartments without altering its physical structures. Like a cloud floating delicately, tracing impalpable forms in continuous transformation and always evoking new iconographic associations.

The simultaneous presence of figurative elements and abstract geometrical compositions, dancing forms, hard lines and fluid movements produces a sensual atmosphere that leads to a rich imagery of memories and references, denoting a tendency towards analysis, explanation, the search for a context. Through his work, Bitzer is able to capture and offer a novel visual experience, in which time and space are improbable and forms are deprived of their legibility, allowing new structures to emerge.

Contacts & Details
Tue – Sat 11am – 7pm

Sun – Mon

T: +39 02 2692 4671

Francesca Minini, Via Massimiano 25, Milan, Italy

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