Meris Angioletti: Forme-Pensiero, 22 Mar 2018 — 12 May 2018

Meris Angioletti: Forme-Pensiero

Otto Zoo, Via Vigevano 8, Milan, Italy

Otto Zoo presents Forme-pensiero, a solo show by Meris Angioletti (1977 Bergamo, lives and works in Paris). The exhibition includes some of Meris Angioletti’s more recent works, all characterised by the use of primary elements from the language of cinema  (lights, projections, text, frames). Each of these aspects is evident in each individual work, but detached from the others, in order to connect and disconnect. The space between the works are filled by their own need to propagate, as traces of their presence on the retina: thoughts form of emanation and interference. That which will re-materialise and that which remains invisible.

The show includes an installation of tapestries referencing the avant-garde, a series of shadowgraphs (or photogenic drawings in Fox Talbot’s words) and an installation made up of three silent videos L’anello e il Libro, (an imaginary trial of the philosopher Giordano Bruno (1548-1600))Un re in ascolto (taken from Italo Calvino’s short story of the same name in which the protagonist perceives the world only through hearing) and Cuntu A dancer, whose choreography is inspired by the Sicilian oral tradition of cuntu. By inverting performance and documentation, the videos trigger further performance which will be enacted on the opening evening.

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W: Meris Angioletti: Forme-Pensiero

Otto Zoo, Via Vigevano 8, Milan, Italy