Milano città mondo #04 Perù, 16 Mar 2019 — 14 Jul 2019

Milano città mondo #04 Perù

The exhibition is part of a programme of research titled “Milano Città Mondo”, which carries on a detailed investigation about the international communities living in Milan. The showcase is dedicated, in particular, to the life of the Milan-based Peruvian community – the fourth international one for the number of inhabitants in the city – and to the history of connections between Milan and the South-American country.

Collecting individual stories and testimonies, the exhibition focuses in particular on two significant figures of the cultural and artistic landscape of the twentieth century: Antonello Gerbi and Jorge Eduardo Eielson. Historian and economist, Gerbi (1904- 1976) lived for a long time in Peru, becoming an expert in the local culture. Multidisciplinary Peruvian artist, Eielson (Lima, 13 April 1924 – Milan, 8 March 2006), on the other hand, moved to Milan where he spent the rest of his life from the 1970s on, celebrating in his pieces the nature and the pre-hispanic cultures of his home country.


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Museo delle Culture – MUDEC, via Tortona, 56