Nanni Valentini: Il 1976, la pittura, 17 Sep 2015 — 07 Nov 2015

Nanni Valentini: Il 1976, la pittura

The exhibition Il 1976, la pittura reconstructs one of the most evocative moments in the career of Nanni Valentini, a great sculptor, remained almost unknown for about four decades.

“They were transparent canvases hung off the wall. In another room there were dirt floors “, with these words Valentini describes the memorable exhibition of 1976 at the Galleria Milano, first authentic revelation of his complex personality.
The jutes monochromatic that leave filter light, open on striking ruptures and inhabited by geometric inserts and architectural suggestions, mark an important point between the artist and the season of analytical painting.

Flaminio Gualdoni writes in the catalog introductory essay: “The eye and hand: the visible and tactile, and the fervent area to explore between the visible and tactile”.

The exhibition at Gallery Monopoli presents 15 paintings of 1975-1976, many of them unknown, documenting the crucial step of Valentini’s work, who by that time will take the path of the sculpture of environmental measure.

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