Omnia Signa, black on white, 24 Sep 2015 — 17 Nov 2015

Omnia Signa, black on white

A detailed research has made resurfaced many drawings, most of them being rapid sketches of different sizes largely from the gallery archive, that let us “leaf through a family portrait” and see what there’s behind each artwork. Infact all the artists, from conceptual to figurative ones, realize a project that usually is made with pencil on a paper sheet.
This review wants to illustrate the first and fundamental creative step of making art, that becames sometimes the artwork itself. 80 artists of different age, origin and artistic inclination are the protagonists of the exhibition and many of them have participated to the gallery life using drawing as an essential art expression.
The exhibition aims to make the estethic and collectionistic potentialities of the drawings stand out.
A critic text of Sharon Di Carlo goes with this important and varied itinerary.

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