Paolo Gioli Solo Show, 09 Apr 2016 — 28 May 2016

Paolo Gioli Solo Show

Peep-hole presents a solo show by the artist Paolo Gioli.

Paolo Gioli, by the late sixties, carries out a complex search around the genesis of images, to the nature of aesthetic and operation of visual processes. Constantly geared to technical and linguistic experimentation, his artistic practice moves with ease between different forms of expression, ranging from drawing to painting, from film to photography, to create a continuous contamination that employs film derivation mode for photographic purposes, and a markedly pictorial approach in the use of materials and choice of media.
His complex experiments have become a benchmark in the field of experimental film and contemporary photography: the rediscovery and radical use of the pinhole to the use of self-designed instruments and found objects to escape any link with optics and mechanics, the use of unusual materials transferred to various substrates such as drawing paper, canvas, silk screen printing, the investigation of the development process on the photo finish technique.
However, the complexity of his work is not circumscribed solely within the sphere of film or photographic. His constant challenge to the endless possibilities of obtaining images from spontaneous circumstances, related to nature, to the body or to existing objects, was carried out within a wide field of investigation where cinema meets painting, painting crosses photography and vice versa.

The exhibition presents a body of works dating from the late sixties to the late nineties that represents the recurring themes of the production of Paolo Gioli, through a selection that highlights the fundamental shift from painting to cinema and photography. Some key number of its production as “Autoanatomie”, the “Photo Finish” and “Naturae”, are flanked on display in more new works such as paintings and drawings at the end of the sixties.
In a chronological order, the exhibition prefers joint dialogue that emphasizes the ties and the constant references among themes, techniques and languages, in a path that crosses transversely the vast production and demonstrates how the transition from one language to another, from a medium or from one technique to another is always fluid, two-way and without solution of continuity.

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