Parole, parole, parole…, 28 Nov 2013 — 04 Jan 2014

Parole, parole, parole…

Spazioborgogno presents Parole, parole, parole… (Words, words, words…), an exhibition exploring the multiple and experimental use of words in the work of contemporary artists. Parole, parole, parole… brings together more than forty works by Italian and international artists alike, dated from 1959 to today, focusing on the relation between art and the use of advanced technical communication mediums.

In a historical period where art addresses the communication mediums to promote and defend itself, the communication mediums themselves become means and objects of artistic research; the artists declare, declaim, define, describe, reflect, recite, invoke, in other words argue that “art will be for everyone, and the word art will belong to no one” (Giuseppe Chiari). The selected works intertwine and contaminate the visual language, textual and oral, provoke and influence the public, transforming it into a reader, auditor, and interlocutor. Images, texts and words give direct voice to the art made in the communication age.

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