Riccardo Benassi: Morestalgia, 25 Jan 2023 — 18 Mar 2023

Riccardo Benassi: Morestalgia

Fondazione ICA Milano presents, from January 25th to March 18th 2023, the solo show Morestalgia by Riccardo Benassi, curated by Alberto Salvadori.

ICA Milano, Via Orobia 26, 20139, Milan, Italy

The exhibition inaugurates Fondazione ICA Milano‘s 2023 cultural season and is rooted in Benassi‘s long standing research, articulating itself within the spaces of the ground floor, where it comes to life as an intimate and personal journey. The exhibition project, designed for the occasion, presents a selection of works on view for the first time in Italy. The neologism that entitles the exhibition – morestalgia – refers to a painful feeling characteristic of the post-Internet era that not only permeates the exhibition, but also takes up the name of the installation that is its beating heart.

The installation Morestalgia, created by the artist in 2019, uses a LED screen that can be crossed by the human body to build a collective sensory experience centered on the movement of the visitor. By walking through the installation, the audience becomes aware of the presence of their own and other bodies, making themselves participants in a situation created by the artist with this same goal in mind.

Contacts & Details
Thu – Sat 12am – 7pm
M: office@icamilano.it

ICA Milano, Via Orobia 26, 20139, Milan, Italy

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