Robert Morris: 4 Rings, 2 Centers, 24 Mar 2022 — 21 May 2022

Robert Morris: 4 Rings, 2 Centers

Osart, Corso Plebisciti 12, 20129, Milan, Italy

Osart Gallery  presents “4 Rings, 2 Centers“, an exhibition by Robert Morris.

This monumental work is made up of six elements and extends over a total length of almost twenty metres. The entire main room of the Osart Gallery premises has been given over to displaying the installation itself and a series of documents related to its first exhibition. In “4 Rings, 2 Centers“, the visitor is directly involved: the work almost becomes a suspended threshold, a site of passage that transforms the surrounding space.

Morris’s work interacts with the setting and with the bodies of the spectators, probing the limits of perception.

The work on show at the gallery represents a key moment in Morris’s career, maintaining an essentiality of form of Minimalist derivation while at the same time radically remodelling the setting. The installation is accompanied by documentation relating to the first time the work was exhibited and a series of works on paper dating to the 1960s and coeval.

Contacts & Details
Tue – Sat 10am – 1pm; 2.30pm – 7pm
Sun – Mon
T: +39 02 551 3826

Osart, Corso Plebisciti 12, 20129, Milan, Italy

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