Ruben Pang: Sutures and Infinite Laughter, 31 May 2019 — 26 Jul 2019

Ruben Pang: Sutures and Infinite Laughter

Viale Stelvio 66, entrance Via Valtellina, Milano

Primo Marella Gallery presents Ruben Pang’ second solo exhibition at the gallery in Milan turning the Claudio Silvestrin-designed-venue a vibrant hall until the end of July.

As in the previous memorable experience of Zwitterion (2016), this exhibition maintains the ethereal combination of paintings, sculptures and music, comprising a body of twenty artworks as the result of twenty months of incessant evolution between Pang’s studio in Singapore and hideaway in Sardinia.

Oil, ceramic, aluminium, alkyd, echoes of guitar-riffs and drums intersect once again to capture the viewers sights and refuses any reference point or a priori certainties. It as an invitation to meander into secret worlds and the open-ended interpretations they evoke.

An imminent spectrum of strident contrasts recurs in Pang’s oeuvre: object VS subject, intimate VS uncanny, discipline VS hysteria. We are visually whiplashed into these oscillations through the aposematic colors (such as orange on black) that set the serrated attitude of the show.

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Viale Stelvio 66, entrance Via Valtellina, Milano
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