Serena Vestrucci: Ortica, 23 Jun 2016 — 29 Jul 2016

Serena Vestrucci: Ortica

Marselleria presents a solo show by Serena Vestrucci, “Ortica”.

From the curatorial test of the artist:

“During the final phases, A. is completely dependent. Language is reduced to simple phrases, leading eventually to the complete loss of speech.
A. cannot accomplish the simplest daily tasks, being unable to control functions such as memorising and thinking. The act of recurring to the so-called non-verbal communication needs to be investigated and refined. Getting lost, intended as the phenomenon of losing track of a familiar itinerary, is very common. The factors intervening are diverse: a decline in the ability of remembering, some difficulties in spatial orientation, an anxiety that often accompanies its behaviours.
A certain tendency to repeat phrases, questions and interjections at short intervals is very frequent in A. The symptom is to be mainly related to the amnesia that causes the rapid forgetting of what has just been said. This is why the same phrase is repeated with wearying frequency.
What is striking about A. is the incommunicability of speech, or rather the inability to formulate the cognition behind speech. The difference is minimum, but it causes maximal, total discrepancy and estrangement.
Ortica is the portrait of paradox. The eternal and perennial negation of the ephemeral character of A., of its precarious existence, of its not being there anymore.”

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