Sergio Sarri: Works 1967 – 2017, 24 Feb 2017 — 02 Apr 2017

Sergio Sarri: Works 1967 – 2017

Robilant + Voena, Milan, Via Fontana, 16

The exhibition features thirty large artworks by the Italian artist, encompassing fifty years of his artistic career and reasserting him as one of the main protagonists of the Pop Art movement that developed in Northern Italy.

Sarri aims at inventing a world, not replicating the existing one. His works talk about utopias and future scenarios. Taking his inspiration from mass-media, advertising, television and cinema, the painter’s focus is influenced by a prophetic reflection on the difficult relationship between man and machine. His works present a historical development from the era of first technology until today, showing how the relatively small presence of robotics and machines has resulted into a inevitable dependency today.

Sarri is a precursor of a human figure shaped with mechanical parts: robots, mutant bodies torn into pieces depicted in an almost pornographic way. The diptych Trasfusione A-B from 1976 is a clear example of this representative style. His works display an influence of avant-garde and comic art, as well as a deep knowledge of advertising imagery. He collects newspaper clippings to reassemble them and use them later in the construction of his work.


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Robilant + Voena, Milan, Via Fontana, 16