The Philosophical Eye, 13 Apr 2018 — 16 May 2018

The Philosophical Eye

A Arte Invernizzi, Via D. Scarlatti 12, Milan, Italy

A arte Invernizzi gallery presents the exhibition The Philosophical Eye, curated by philosopher and musician Massimo Donà, which a three part dialogue between art, poetry and philosophy.

The writings of Massimo Donà, of the poet Carlo Invernizzi and of the philosopher Andrea Emo are brought into synthesis with the works on display in order to exalt any potential connections, relationships, and convergences between the different art forms and lines of research.

As Massimo Donà writes, the exhibition “is designed to let the ‘intellectual’ eye of the philosopher interact with the ‘intuitive’ one of the poet (both of them sublime craftsmen of words) and with the more specifically ‘visual’ one of the artist. The aim is to bring out a series of magical interrelationships and one that, in particular, is based on the conviction that artists, philosophers, poets, writers and musicians are all ultimately committed to shedding light on the same mystery: that of existence.”

The artists included in the exhibition are Rodolfo Aricò, Gianni Asdrubali, Nicola Carrino, Alan Charlton, Carlo Ciussi, Dadamaino, Riccardo De Marchi, François Morellet, Mario Nigro, Pino Pinelli, Bruno Querci, Nelio Sonego, Mauro Staccioli, Niele Toroni, Günter Umberg, Michel Verjux. The exhibition seeks to create a dialogue and make a connection between the works by these artists.

On the occasion of the opening, Massimo Donà will hold a concert with his Trio (with Donà himself on the trumpet, Michele Polga on the tenor sax and Davide Ragazzoni on percussion) which will interact with the voice of Tommaso Trini and with that of Donà himself.



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A Arte Invernizzi, Via D. Scarlatti 12, Milan, Italy