Things That Fall, 23 Mar 2022 — 28 May 2022

Things That Fall

Ncontemporary, Via Giovanni Lulli, 5, 20131, Milan, Italy

NContemporary shows for the first time a dialogue between the artworks of the artists Cristian Chironi and Erin O’Keefe.

Cristian Chironi presents sculptures, collages and sketches that belong to a subsequent iteration of the project “My house is a Le Corbusier“, started in 2018. Since 2015 Chironi has lived extended periods of time in the many homes around the world designed by Le Corbusier, exploring what lies between ambition, planning and vision; and legacy, use and functionality.

The sense of time feels instead rather suspended in Erin O’Keefe photographs, as do the shapes and painted objects that populate the artist’s metaphysical cosmology of images. Careful arrangements, composition and staging techniques, as well as the use of light and colour, generate distorted landscapes, illusory and sibylline.


Contacts & Details

Wed – Sat 3pm – 8pm and by appointment

Mon, Tue, Sun

T: +39 3493173687

Ncontemporary, Via Giovanni Lulli, 5, 20131, Milan, Italy

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