Toni Meneguzzo: Diptych, 20 Sep 2022 — 19 Nov 2022

Toni Meneguzzo: Diptych

29 Arts in Progress gallery presents "Diptych", the solo show of the eclectic Italian photographer Toni Meneguzzo.

29 ARTS IN PROGRESS gallery, Via San Vittore, 13, 20123 Milan

The artist pushes towards a truly contemporary language suggestive of an unpublished relationship between the Polaroid and the vividness of his most recent digital photographs which combine a rigorous formal technique with an uninhibited use of the medium. The exhibition represents the culmination of a long research process which brought the gallerists and the curator Giovanni Pelloso to carefully select over sixty works, many of which unseen before, from works using Polaroid large format (20 x 25 cm), for which Toni Meneguzzo is internationally known to new works from the series Causa/Effetto (Cause/ Effect).

In this unpublished juxtaposition, between the transience of the Polaroid and portraits, nudes, flowers, still life and the vitality of the new digital images in their purple, turquoise, ochre or colder tones, lies the gaze of the spectator/visitor whose role it is to naturally recompose the vision of a diverse range of subjects and differently sized compositions, guided by the chromatic agreement of the juxtaposted images that together form a new and unique symphony.

Contacts & Details


Tue – Sat 11am – 7pm

T: 0294387188

29 ARTS IN PROGRESS gallery, Via San Vittore, 13, 20123 Milan
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