Uno+Uno: Ieva Petersone + Dimitri Agnello, 27 Feb 2018 — 21 Apr 2018

Uno+Uno: Ieva Petersone + Dimitri Agnello

M77, Via Mecenate 77, 20138, Milan, Italy

M77 Gallery presents UNO+UNO, a new double solo show juxtaposing work and creating a dialogue between Ieva Petersone (Jelgava, Latvia, 1984) and Dimitri Agnello (Carrara, Italy, 1995).

Ieva Petersone has created a series of large paintings for the exhibition, entitled Allegoritmica, portraying “impressions” of daily life, inspired by her design studio, hub of her artistic production and everyday objects she creates rhythmic, and purposely repetitive compositions, transforming them into something extraordinary, in which a group of green chairs can resemble a forest, or neatly-stacked chairs transform into urban architecture, skyscrapers or factories.

Dimitri Agnello  presents a series of works of oil on cotton, made especially for the exhibition, the result of three years of research. The central topic of interest being education, not only formal education, but also of growth and the creation of expectations. Agnello goes through a long and meticulous “ritual” of research, selection, storage and reworking of visual material, which becomes almost becomes the work itself. Agnello re-appropriates images that already belong to the collective memory, but avoids any nostalgic dimension instead asserting their relevance in the here and now.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication with text by Michele Bonuomo and will be open to the public from Tuesday 27 February 2018 until Saturday 21 April 2018.

Contacts & Details
Tue – Sat 11am – 7pm
Mon, Sun
T: +39 02 84 5712 43

M77, Via Mecenate 77, 20138, Milan, Italy

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