Urban Pixels, 23 May 2022 — 10 Jul 2022

Urban Pixels

For the first time now, Nft digital art lands outdoors, visible to all citizens from 23 May to 10 July, thanks to the Urban Pixels project curated by the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art: five artists will simultaneously exhibit their works in Milan, in Piazza Cordusio, Cadorna and San Babila, in London, in Covent Garden and in New York in Times Square.
The initiative, as clarified by MoCDA‘s artistic director Filippo Lorenzin, was created with the intention of spreading a new type of dialogue between digital art and the urban context, dragging these new art forms out of the metaverse, to place them in real and unconventional places and contexts, accessible to everyone.

Each work was chosen on the basis of the locations where the individual screens are installed, proposing a dialogue between digital art and various urban contexts. The works appear a few days apart from each other and remain on display for four weeks.


Entangled Others Studio
Hybrid Ecosystems

Krista Kim

Right-click and Save As guy

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Lethabo Huma

Contacts & Details

Different Venues in Milan, London and New York.

Piazza Cordusio, Cadorna and San Babila in Milan, Covent Garden in London and Times Square in New York.

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