Will Cruickshank: Inside Outside, 17 Mar 2022 — 29 Apr 2022

Will Cruickshank: Inside Outside

MAAB, Via Nerino 3, 20123, Milan, Italy

On the occasion of his first Italian solo exhibition, Will Cruickshank is presenting a selection of works created between 2019 and 2022.

Working across a number of disciplines that includes sculpture, weaving, film, photography and printing, his broad horizon of references has allowed him to develop a personal method for creating three-dimensional works, made to be exhibited both on walls and in the space. He uses yarn to draw abstract geometric textures that oscillate between the excitement of colour and the rigor of form.

The ambiguous exhibition title “Inside Outside” alludes to a recurring process in Will Cruickshank’s making, where objects are opened, sliced or eroded, to reveal an interior or surface previously concealed. The works on exhibit were produced with experimental spinning machines developed by the artist himself, and he chooses his materials (yarns, wood, plaster and pigments) and his production methods (weaving, tinting, sculpture) accordingly. The experimental and mechanised aspect of his work join improvisation with design, in a single process where creativity perfects both the tools and the objects that originate from them.

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Mon – Fri 10:30 am – 6 pm
closed on Sat, Sun
T: +39 02 8928 1179
M: info@maabgallery.com

MAAB, Via Nerino 3, 20123, Milan, Italy

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