Art Experiment. 32 Questions by John Cage, 22 Dec 2014 — 11 Jan 2015

Art Experiment. 32 Questions by John Cage

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, 9/32 Krymsky Val st.

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art‘s annual Аrt Experiment is an interactive project that puts the viewer at the forefront of the creative process. Designed for visitors of all ages, the unique and action-packed laboratory will expand your understanding of contemporary art as you create your own works and share the joys of creativity with friends, family, and complete strangers. The project, launched in 2010, is in a constant state of development, covering ever-new ground and incorporating a variety of new media.

This year Garage invites you to spend the two-week Christmas holiday immersed in a world of unbounded music and sound, featuring light- and sound-based installations and artworks by prominent artists from both Russia and abroad.

32 simple but provocative questions from John Cage, one of the most famous and influential composers of the 20th century, will guide you through this world of musical sensations.

Recreating John Cage’s famous experiment will require a total of 34 objects, including a clockwork fish, a grand piano, a pressure cooker, several ice cubes, an empty glass, a rubber duck, 12 red roses, and a filled bathtub.

The Hydraulic press will turn any inserted object to dust. In return, visitors will receive a CD with the resulting musical track.

Conduct a multichannel virtual orchestra consisting of 13 manipulator robots, trying your hand as a composer, performer, and operator all at the same time.

Moving along a set path within the exhibition space, the musical sphere will simultaneously record and reproduce snatches of conversations, background noises, as well as any messages directly spoken into it.

Contacts & Details
mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

T: +7 495 645 0520

Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, 9/32 Krymsky Val st.

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