Gyungsu An: Membrane, 22 Dec 2017 — 21 Jan 2018

Gyungsu An: Membrane

Triumph Gallery, 3/8, Ilyinka Street, building 5

Gyungsu An is a South Korean painter working with borderline territories, where tension arises between two different systems—the city and the outskirts: those are compared to a “membrane” in its philosophical and aesthetic sense. His canvases convey the atmosphere of abandonment and neglect: the artist depicts what he calls the “median landscape”, a landscape on the boundary between living cities and cities that are turning to rubble, between lost habitation places and habitation places to be created soon.
In his words, “Looking at a landscape, I am transported into the past, I speak of the present, and imagine the future”.

Contacts & Details
T: +7 495 162 0893

Triumph Gallery, 3/8, Ilyinka Street, building 5
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