Ahmed Mater: Mecca Journeys, 01 Dec 2017 — 08 Apr 2018

Ahmed Mater: Mecca Journeys

The exhibition, the first within the New York institution, is an opportunity for visitors to experience the holiest city in the Islamic world. It features a portrait of the massive urban redevelopment now under way and its effects on residents and the millions of hajj pilgrims who travel there every year, which the artist has documented for nearly a decade.

“I need to be here, in the city of Mecca, now, experiencing, absorbing, and recording my place in this moment of transformation, after which things may never be the same again,” states Mater. “It has become important for me to identify with this place and to understand how this constellation of change, as well as the forces that are shaping it, will affect the community of which I am a part.”

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