Beyond Credit, 02 Feb 2016 — 02 Apr 2016

Beyond Credit

Art in General, 145 Plymouth St, Brooklyn

Art in General presents the inaugural exhibition at its new ground floor gallery at 145 Plymouth Street in Dumbo, Brooklyn, opening on January 30, 2016. The exhibition “Beyond Credit” is presented in partnership with the Center of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi, Georgia, as part of Art in General’s acclaimed International Collaborations program.

This exhibition features the work of five Georgian artists who are highly regarded internationally but relatively unknown in the United States. “Beyond Credit” seeks to explore the artist’s process, as a mixture of modes involving rational thinking, intuition, contradiction, accident, mistake, and absurdity, all of which serve as the building blocks for not only their artistic practices, but also their lives. The show aims to investigate the artist’s condition as one who is trained as a “professional creative,” and how that creativity often infuses the habits, structure, and trajectory of their individual paths. What does it mean to live a life in a state of unbroken creativity, detecting inspiration and art everywhere and at all times? The notion of “credit” in this context suggests the status and position of artists in relation to over commercialized and monetized aspects of art as products. The show attempts to not only present finished pieces authored by the five artists on view, but rather to show evidence of five lives as the result of their ongoing creative processes, and to consider these lives as continuous, unfolding artworks themselves.

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T: +1 212 219 0473

Art in General, 145 Plymouth St, Brooklyn

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