Günther Förg: Works from 1986 – 2007, 24 Jan 2019 — 06 Apr 2019

Günther Förg: Works from 1986 – 2007

Günther Förg‘s dedicated exhibition on view at Hauser & Wirth, New York, 22nd Street, offers a complete overview of the German artist’s oeuvre, which crossed several disciplines and defied any easy categorisation.

Starting from the Wall Paintings series, the exhibition highlights the impressive breadth of Förg’s practice. Central component in the artist’s expression, they constitute a response to their structural surroundings: they evolved across successive iterations, from simple surfaces of colours to include photographs, mirrors, fabric, and text, introducing a spatio-temporal dynamic.

His large-format photographies also deal with the architectural dimension, portraying old buildings once regarded as modernist paradigms, captured at odd angles. Besides them, on view also some Color-Field paintings, which the artist begun in 1976, many samples from Förg’s sculptural production and his last series, the Spot Paintings (2007 – 2009), which represent a return to expressive painting.



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