Nancy Graves: Mapping, 21 Feb 2019 — 06 Apr 2019

Nancy Graves: Mapping

The exhibition is dedicated to Nancy Graves, one of the key figures of post-war art and marks the 50th anniversary of the first mission of man on the Moon, one of the topics explored by the artist in her investigation about maps.
The show highlights the artist’s increasing fascination with maps; her research, in particular, took a new direction during the 70s with the pioneering technologies that suddenly made available data recorded from orbiting satellites. Paintings, drawings and works on paper by Graves depict detailed representations of Mars, the Moon and Mercury‘s topographies and of the Earth‘s ocean floors, based on these data.  

Along with drawings and prints, the exhibition includes approximately six important paintings; among the highlights, one of Graves’s largest and most complex pieces, “Mars” (1973), on view in the US for the first time in 45 years. The painting represents the red planet’s surface based on NASA’s satellite data. On view also the pairing of “Indian Ocean, I” and “Indian Ocean, II”, exhibited together for the first time since their initial pairing at Nancy Graves’s 1973 solo exhibition at the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla. The two works represent ocean floors, as recorded by satellites.


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