Sol LeWitt: Wall Drawing 552D, 01 Jan 2019 — 31 Dec 2019

Sol LeWitt: Wall Drawing 552D

On view in the Gilbert Court, Sol LeWitt’s “Wall Drawing 552D” was donated to the institution by the Estate of Sol LeWitt.

Mostly known for his sculptures, LeWitt started experimenting with drawing and radically transformed the medium by painting directly on walls, in the late 1960s. He first produced “Wall Drawing 552D” in 1987, describing it as “not quite a cube”: the peculiarity of this type of works is that each one is the result of a set of instructions by the artist himself. Every drawing, then, can be reproduced by others, starting from these indications. Over the course of his career, LeWitt conceived more than 1200 wall drawings, in pencil, coloured ink and acrylic.


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