The Self-Portrait, from Schiele to Beckmann, 28 Feb 2019 — 24 Jun 2019

The Self-Portrait, from Schiele to Beckmann

Reuniting works from the museum’s collection and loans from public and private institutions worldwide, “The Self-Portrait, from Schiele to Beckmann” collects approximately 70 self-portraits by more than 30 artists.

The exhibition illustrates the wide variety of forms that the genre of self-portrait assumed according to different artists’ interpretations in the period between 1900 and 1945. The works on show come mainly from Austria and Germany where, in those years, the artistic genre reached new heights. They also provide significant insights into the artists’ perception of themselves; so some pieces describe the appearance and essence of the subjects, others share profound insights regarding their self-image as a maker or their perceived relationship to society, some others even reveal universal truths about the human condition.

The showcase includes works by Egon SchieleMax BeckmannFelix NussbaumPaula Modersohn-BeckerKäthe Kollwitz, among the others.

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